About Kevin Freeny


Kevin Freeny is a filmmaker and cinematographer who shoots documentary TV, commercial, and non-profit work.  He has produced stories in the field with Filson, SailRacing, Eyos-Expeditions, and REI.  His work has appeared on the Travel Channel, Animal Planet and Natgeo.com

Kevin spent over ten years traveling as a single shooter/producer creating natural history documentaries for expedition companies. This work has taken him to every continent, both polar regions, through the forgotten islands of the Pacific and Atlantic, and the scarcely seen coastlines of the sub-antarctic islands, where he happened to shoot this.

Kevin has hundreds of hours of experience flying drones–with particular focus flying in polar regions and remote wilderness areas. Kevin has flown throughout the Antarctic Peninsula, the Canadian Arctic, Greenland, and Norway.  Kevin is an FAA certified Drone Pilot.

Kevin has worked as DP on commercial shoots for Filson in Alaska, Wyoming, and the San Juan Islands, with WildPhoto in the high arctic of Svalbard, and on street documentaries in New Orleans for Adidas.

Uh-hem.  He also likes to make people laugh.